Massage Therapy

An Introduction to Massage Therapy at Ambrose Chiropractic

Juanita Robinson, CMT, 
Joylynn Luker, CMT
Tsasha Bromley, CMT
By appointment only

Types of Massage:

All of the massages offered here are "therapeutic" in nature but they differ in the body areas, the amount of time and the state of undress.


  • MENU
    New!! Hot Rock Massage: Warm stones glide over the body radiating heat deeply into the muscle to reduce pain and reduce physical stress
  • 60 Minute Full Body Massage
    A full hour of therapeutic muscular relaxation and rehabilitation.
  • 30 Minute Body Massage
    This is a great relaxation massage for those with a tight time schedule. 
  • 15 Minute Stress Relief Massage
    (business person's massage)
    In this massage you remain fully clothed and a special "massage chair" is used. The major attention is directed to your neck, shoulders and upper back.
  • 15 minute foot and ankle massage
  • 15 minute hand and forearm massage

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Your Massage
It's your massage and your body and unless Dr. Ambrose has directed Juanita, Joy or Tsasha otherwise, you can have quite a bit of say in it.

Want a trouble spot worked on harder or longer, that's no problem just tell Juanita,Joy or Tsasha.  Want the massage lighter or heavier, that's no problem just tell Juanita, Joy or Tsasha.

Most prefer to listen to the music and relax, while some like more social interaction with the therapist. Do what you like, veg or chat.

The massage provided here at Ambrose Chiropractic is a therapeutic health care procedure delivered by a Certified Massage Therapist. Tipping is neither expected nor encouraged. 

Gift Certificates for all of our massages are available at the front desk

Call 830-1111 for an appointment or fill out our contact form for further information.



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